Clients and Testimonials

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“One of the things lacking with many voiceovers is reliability. We’ve never had a problem with Michelle – she’s reliable, precise and very professional”

-- Paul Philpott, Audio Production Manager, Fresh Air Studios

"Michelle Horn is not only one of the best voice talents to work with, but she also has a fantastic sounding studio setup. From lovely smooth reads to punchy promos, she really is an all-round star. Don't hesitate to book her for your next session!"

-- Tom Ellis, Commercial Producer

‘Michelle is a highly professional and reliable voiceover artist with a talent that many of our clients have recognised. We have incorporated Michelle’s voice into many of our projects over the last few years and have many satisfied customers as a result. I would highly recommend Michelle for any audio projects and can guarantee a prompt and excellent service in return’.

-- Lynda Blythe, Production Director, 4 Connections UK Ltd.

I’ve used Michelle’s voice on a great assortment of commercials over the years.
Her rich, darker tone of voice is well suited to a variety of styles: from soft and warm to hard and edgy; sexy lady to bright mumsy reads.
Michelle has a friendly yet professional attitude to work. Her versatility makes her an important part of my voiceover database.

-- Keith Lindsay, Senior Producer, The JMS Group.

"Michelle is friendly and always great to work with. She is very versatile in styles; from soft, calming reads to full on club styles. Plus, has a very quick turn around on mp3/wavs. If you need to get your audio sounding great, Michelle comes highly recommended."

-- Jonathan Young, Station Producer.

“Michelle has a fantastic versatile voice! Whether we need a red hot promo or some smooth sounding imaging, her voice always provides exactly what we need – and delivery of the audio is always on time!”

-- Claude Kawas, Station Manager, NRJ Lebanon