Clients and Testimonials

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“One of the things lacking with many voiceovers is reliability. We’ve never had a problem with Michelle – she’s reliable, precise and very professional”

-- Paul Philpott, Audio Production Manager, Fresh Air Studios

Michelle’s reliable, offers a quick turnaround on scripts whenever possible (even if they’re last minute), she always makes sure you receive the recording you need, and she never complains, even when faced with impossible pronunciations!”

-- Lisa Hartwell, Fresh Air Studios

My firm has, on several occasions, hired Michelle's voice for our business' needs. Her incredible voice with prompt response time, are hallmarks of her service. Her voice talent appears to be emulated by many, but excelled by none.  I wish her all the best.

-- Kaivalya Rawal

Michelle is a pleasure to work with. She delivers professional audio on time, and on budget. I have worked with Michelle on many projects and have no hesitation in recommending her. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

-- Lee Pritchard, Project Director, Media Music Now

Working with Michelle makes my job a lot easier. Michelle always seems to know what we’re after and she’ll deliver it first time, without fail, at the highest of standards.

-- Daniel Ratcliffe, SOH.

Having worked with Michelle for over 10 years we’ve always found Michelle a pleasure to work with.
Great voice, good at accents and weird pronunciations, always delivers on time and no hassle if something needs to be re voiced.
Michelle has one of the fastest turnarounds anywhere! And clients love her rich sounding voice which means happy clients happy sales team.

-- Ian Lang, Programme Manager, 89.7 Bay, Malta.